Total 2015 Revenue

  • All income categories reported increases over the prior year
  • Meeting income doubled due to a successful Annual Meeting in Portland
  • Publications income grew significantly as did Grants/Contracts
  • Investment interest and dividend income was lower in 2015

Total 2015 Expense

  • Expenses increased 21% over last year reflecting additions of new programs and staff
  • The ratio of Expenses to Net Assets, an indication of the sufficiency of financial resources, fell from 147% to 108% in 2015

Net Assets and Total Assets

  • The Society ended another year with a strong financial position. Assets totaled $6.5M and were marginally lower than in 2014
  • Liquidity remains high with 76% of Assets held in cash and investments
  • Restricted funds have increased and now comprise 41% of Net Assets (vs 36% last year)

Financial Results

  • Revenue totaled $2,708,000 in 2015 down 3.6% from last year
  • Total Net Change was a $142,000 loss in 2015 as compared to a $462,000 increase in 2014
  • Losses on assets in 2015 were $279,000 while 2014 showed a $305,000 gain
  • Operating income was positive in 2015 and 2014 netting $137,000 and $157,000 respectively, before asset gains/losses