hutton 1 squareJordyn Jones, is an exceptional 12th grader from Tampa, Florida, who is currently mentored by Kathryn Guindon, Ph.D. at Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and co-mentor Josh Patterson, Ph.D. at the University of Florida. Under the collaboration of these two institutions, Jordyn is able to have a robust experience in fisheries research and marine science. Her summer project includes, but is not limited to, participating in the study of fish movement in a tidal system connected to Tampa Bay. The system consists of a natural tidal creek, constructed wetland, and newly constructed marine youth fishing pond. She also assists mentor and staff at the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center (SYCC),

Jordyn’s enthusiasm, self-motivation and excellent communication skills to help teach and assist youth in outdoor recreational skills such as saltwater fishing or kayaking. In addition, she experiences hands-on marine-science skills such as using seines, fish identification keys, microscopes, quadrat sampling, understanding tides and currents, marine and estuarine habitats, etc.

Jordyn is also gaining skills in fish identification (including non-natives), data collection and collation, YSI operation, and culvert trap gear usage. Her mentors admire her sense of humor, tenacity, self-initiative, and ability to think and problem solve, and most importantly to be a team player. On her mid-summer program report, Jordyn stated, “The Hutton Program has been an invaluable experience for me this summer. This program has shown me the spectacular hidden world of the fisheries industry that most people don’t know about and I am extremely grateful to be a part of it. I could not have asked for better mentors than Dr. Patterson and Dr. Guindon. They are both incredibly smart and willing to teach during any moment. I admire their tenacity and passion for what they do and strive to be like them one day in the future.”